Why is a global currency is needed to promote economic justice in the world?

In an increasingly integrated world, international borders become more and more irrelevant. This is the case today with the covid-19 virus and the existential threat of climate change. There is one other issue where international borders are irrelevant, and that concerns finance, money, and debt.

Today there is a range of ongoing discourses concerned with various aspects of humanity’s wellbeing and progress: discourses on such subjects as the equality of women and men, peace, governance, and public health, to name but a few.

Since 1975 when I left the United States, I have always worked as a social and economic development activist. I now live in rural Ukraine, about 140 km south of Kyiv. Combining a PhD in agricultural science with an MBA in management, I managed projects in Central America, Africa, Central and South Asia and the ex-Soviet Union. Since 1975, my work has been in agricultural and rural development. …

Gary Reusche

Senior Operations Officer (World Bank group). PhD Agriculture; MBA; Operate Residential Centre for Children&Youth, Social Action, Boguslav, Kyiv Oblast, Ukraine

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